Balanced Cables – XLR for High Definition Music Entertainment

In the past, I have hooked up the sound system and I have heard a slight hissing sound coming from the PA speakers. After speaking with a Sound Engineer and Guitar Center’s Techs, I was advised to use XLR cables for balanced sound.

Now there are multiple was to hookup DJ equipment, but I prefer to use XLR cables over RCA cables,1/4″ jacks or the other options.


XLR_cable_connectorsCableConnection-wiring-diagramSince I have switched from the 1/4″ inputs to XLR cables, the hissing sound is gone and the sound quality has tremendously improved. Above I shared a picture that covers the technical aspect of balanced inputs. Also, I have found a lot of information on the Balanced Audio web page.

High Definition Music Entertainment provides that pro audio sound for all events!

How do you hookup your audio equipment? Share your stories below and feel free to ask questions, as well.


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