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Prior to the ceremony and reception, we do an in depth survey of the venue for reassurance of the application walkways, entrances, exits, safety arrangements, etc.

Indoor, outdoor, beaches, barns, wineries, art galleries, vineyards, museums, backyards, poolside, and traditional wedding venues come to life with High Definition Music Entertainment.

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A Higher Standard of DJ Services

At High Definition Music Entertainment, our slogan is a, “Higher Standard of DJ Services.” We believe putting all your heart into something you love is the natural flow of purpose and that’s how we specialize with providing a higher standard Emcee/DJ services. All of the events are equally important and we really go above and beyond to create that memorable event for our valued clients. Weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, graduation 👨‍🎓 parties, holiday festivities, private events and corporate functions are just a few of our specialties.

High Definition Music Entertainment has multiple party packages available to fulfill events of all all sizes with a lot of party giveaways. DJ Tone Capone touches all over the music spectrum while including everyone in the mix and the festivities. – “We keep the dance floor flowing like water as the guest dance off the tips of the waves.” – DJ Tone Capone

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❤️Top 10 Love Songs for Valentines Day❤️

The most powerful force in life……..Love❤️ As Valentines day is coming up, I have selected my top ten love songs to share with that special someone. This list is not in any specific order and is full of love.

#10 – Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love To You
#9 – John Legend – All of Me
#8 – Taylor Swift – Love Story
#7 Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
#6 Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing 
#5 – Falling (Acoustic) – IRATION 
#4 – 311 – Love Song
#3 – The O’Jays – Love Train
#2 – Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
#1 – SOJA – You And Me ft. Chris Boomer to my lifetime Valentine AKB❤️

Spread the love by sharing this list with your loved 🥰 ones and let me know your thoughts on this list of lovely songs! Happy Valentines Day from all of us at High Definition Music Entertainment and DJ Tone Capone!

Lastly, Happy Anniversary to my beautiful parents and thank you for bringing me into this world of ❤️ lovely music🎶.

❤️One Love ❤️

Celebrating Birthdays 🥳 🎂

At High Definition Music Entertainment, we love celebrating everyones birthday! From Sweet 16’s, to 40th birthdays, or a magical upcoming birthday, our passion is lighting up the dance 💃 floor like the candles on the birthday cake 🎂 . Every birthday is special day and we specialize in making memorable moments, while incorporating everyone at the partly.

DJ Tone Capone touches all over the music spectrum with Pop, Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, Top 40, House, Latin, Soca, Reggae, and all other genres.

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Balloon 🎈Drop ⤵️

Reggae Sunday at Growers Alliance Café And Gift Shop

Reggae Sunday at Growers Alliance Café And Gift Shop is always a wonderful event. The cafe is located in historic St. Augustine on Anastasia Blvd. What was once an old service station, is now a thriving fair trade cafe’ with vibrant decor, pastries and organic coffee.

Reggae Sunday is a 3/hr. set that flows from the Conch House Marina located in St. Augustine as well. At the Conch House, live bands, and artist perform reggae tunes on a pier located in the marina. Afterwards, the crowd migrates to the Growers Alliance for the after party.

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of entertaining the guest with 70’s reggae 80’s dancehall and a mix of Soca. The crowd was really energetic and danced throughout the night. Towards the end, I had a guest tell me that they danced so much that didn’t have to take Zumba on Monday!

Also, I brought along my side kick, Dub Panda to help out with selling the DJ Tone Capone One Love merchandise. Everyone loves the t-shirts and taking pictures with Dub Panda as he’s 4 foot stuffed panda rocking a DJ Tone Capone t-shirt with a rasta dread tam.

Get your DJ Tone Capone “One Love,” t-shirt (black) with red, gold, and green print. I have to say, theses are some of the softest shirts I’ve ever worn and they feel amazing. Support your local DJ and let me know your size so you can look fly!

If you’re looking for a higher standard of DJ services, contact DJ Tone Capone at High Definition Music Entertainment. Specializing in weddings, birthdays, Sweet 16’s, holiday parties, and corporate events.

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Halloween Party in St. Augustine Florida

Saturday night was spooktacular in St. Augustine, FL. I had the pleasure of providing Halloween jams to a private party of ghost, ghouls, goblins, Batman and Robin. Now, I’ve been to a lot of Halloween parties, but this one was one of my favorites.

You can really appreciate all the effort that was put into the decorations on the outside of the home as well as on the inside. All the hallways, pool, outdoor bar/patio, bathroom, kitchen, and game room where covered with spiderwebs, bloody hand prints, and creepy crawlers.  The level of creativity was amazing and all the details really brought out that scary party vibe.

I started off the night diving into my 80’s crate playing tracks from Toto, Prince, A Ha, MJ, Bon Jovi, and Whitney Houston. Then, I crossed into the 90’s with tunes from TLC, Brittney Spears, Blackstreet and Coolio. Also, I had some really awesome Halloween mixes that I sprinkled in between my tour of dance jams. I touched into today’s top 40 with tracks like “Zeze,” from Kodak Black ft Travis Scott & Offset and “Jackie Chan,” from Tiesto & Dzeko ft Post Malone.

There where three categories for the costume competition – scariest, most original, and best couple. Scariest prize went to the Shinning Twins. Most original was Popup art and best couple was Hall & Oats. I was dressed up as a Rasta DJ Selecta Tone Capone.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. So many people get creative with costumes, parties and decorations. It’s almost as popular as decorating for the holidays!

If you’re having a party, birthday, wedding, holiday, or corporate event; give me a call at (904) 806-1161 for availability/booking. All referrals and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Jahmen, Fortunate Youth, DJ Tone Capone and High Definition Music Entertainment at Jack Rabbits

Last night, me and Fast Eddie hit Jack Rabbits in a historic part of Jacksonville, Florida. Our good buddy, Uncle Patty Red Dreads (Conscious Vibes) was nice enough to us on the guest list, so big shoutout to Conscious Vibe Concert Promotions on the hookups. Jahmen (Jacksonville natives) and Fortunate Youth (Hermosa Beach, California) took over Jack Rabbits by storm with the surf roots reggae vibe. It was a nice tight show with a special acoustic set by Dan Kelly, Fortunate Youth’s lead singer.

Jack Rabbits selection of brews -Photo by DJ Tone Capone

City Hall Jacksonville – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Prior to entering Jack Rabbits, we veered off path to a close by pizzeria to grab a quick bite to eat. I got word that V Pizza has amazing wings and I’m a wing lover, so that’s where we headed.

V Pizza – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

V Pizza is located about a block or two down from Jack Rabbits. The entrance was in the rear and before we got inside, the smell of fresh basil and tomato was wafting in the air. Even though I had a shake before I left home, I still made a little room for a couple wings and a few slices of pepperoni pie.

Wings at V Pizza – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The inside of V Pizza was very modern, with high tables/seats and very family friendly. The staff and services were very welcoming and we had a pleasant experience.   The wings were probably one of my favorites and If you know me, I washed it down with a good ol’fashion root beer. Fast Eddie agreed that the food was on point. Also, we noticed a sidebar on our way out, which included a hip outside sitting area, a full bar with tvs and plenty of patrons enjoying the late August evening.

One of the best wings in JAX – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Afterwards, we ventured down to the box office window at Jack Rabbits and got checked in for the show. There was a decent line outside bar door entrance. The vibe was nice and everyone seemed really chill. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the inside, because I heard it gets packed.

Once we were inside, we got a couple Red Stripes and checked out the merchandise table, the soundboard, as well as the concert area. Yes, the place was dark and gave off a grunge feel. This was a very familiar feeling. It was similar to venue back in Trenton, NJ (City Gardens) where ska and punk bands were on a regular basis. I think Nirvana and Offspring actually played at City Gardens at some point.


Fortunate Youth Merch – Photo by DJ Tone Capone







Got Mr Big to flex..Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Anyhow, I spoke to sound engineer to see if we missed Jahmen and he said, “No, they will hit the stage in five minutes.” I was like, , “I really wanted to see them for a second time.” I saw Jahmen open up for Arise Roots a few weeks ago at Surfer the Bar in JAX Beach and they put on an epic show.

All the way from New Jersey and look what I found next to Pac Man and Streetfighter 2 – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Jahmen hit the stage running. Front man Alex Levya shouts,”It’s good to be home Jacksonville” and the crowd exploded into that deep irie vibe. Dreadheads let loose and let the rastamon take control. Jahmen blasted a few classics like, “General and Test the System.” Levya also shared a new Jahmen single with us that will be out soon! We’re looking forward to hearing it again. Travi Bongo joined us in the crowed while Jahmen played the remainder of their homegrown set.

Jahmen take the stage – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Jahmen – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Jahmen – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Fortunate Youth’s lead singer, Dan Kelly slowly walks on the stage with his acoustic guitar and half cup spirits in hand. Dan took a seat front and center and the crowed was full of energy and waiting for that first musical note. We went on a 8-10 track acoustic journey through Dan’s personal life and well being in the roots reggae scene. I was very impressed with the lead musicians ability to story tell, sing, and hype up the crowed for the main event.

Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

After a short intermission, Fortunate Youth infiltrated the stage and manned the instruments. The entire crowed was engaged, electrified, and stimulated from the gnarly reggae riffs. We were blessed with Fortunate Youth’s “Love is the Most High and Burn One,” crowd favorites.

Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone 

Travi Bongo, Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Overall, our first trip to Jack Rabbits was awesome. Fast Eddie and myself will definitely be back to see more shows at Jack Rabbits. Hopefully Uncle Patty Red Dreads can make the next event, as we have a some great shows coming to JAX Beach area. Stay tuned fam.​


DJ Tone Capone – High Definition Music Entertainment

Once again, if you know someone looking for a higher standard of DJ/Emcee services, please contact DJ Tone Capone at High Definition Music Entertainment – (609) 414-0223

“Impact the masses with a higher standard of DJ services” – HDME

Uncle Patty Red Dreads

Taking on Vegas Baby!

A couple weeks ago, I went to Vegas for a few days with my beautiful wife Agnes. This trip was more educational/training trip and we still had the amazing Vegas experience. It was our first trip to Vegas and we met so many wonderful people along the way. Also, we had a frantic experience on our way back to airport, but that’s for later in the story.


We were fortunate enough to have my mother-in-law come stay with the children while we took off from Jacksonville International Airport and headed to Atlanta for a short layover. While in the ATL, we stopped into one of Ludacris’s restaurants, “Chicken + Beer,” before our flight to Las Vegas. The buffalo dipped chicken and double cheese burger (no bun) were so good! Also, the craft beer selection was on point. The ATL craft beers have a decent percentage of alcohol and a crisp taste of hops.  Very nice selection.




Next, we boarded our plane and headed out to Vegas. We were fortunate to have two seats right next to each other and Agnes was nice enough to give up the window seat. She leaned on me for most of the flight, so it was a win all around.


We landed in Vegas and immediately headed to baggage claim so we could get to the Uber asap. Our Uber driver was really nice and informative. He gave us a brief tour on the way to The Venetian Las Vegas.

Once we arrived to the Venetian, the check in line seemed long, but went smoothly and we were finally in our suite ready to take on our first night Vegas. It was a bit late for us, since we’re from the east coast and we spent most of the day traveling. However, we got our walking shoes on and hit the strip.


If you’ve never been to Vegas, it really is an eyeopening experience. All the architectural design of the enormous casinos, hotels, restaurants really are tremendous to see in person. Now I’m not much of a gambler, but I do enjoy bight lights in a big city once in a while. The streets were packed with plenty of people, artist, magicians and street performers as well. We had an early training session, so we did head back to hotel early enough to get a few hours of sleep before a full day of training and partying.






The next morning, we were up early and headed to our “Science Talks” training. We wanted to get great seats because fifteen thousand people were in attendance. The Science Talks were about Solutions to Transform Lives, 5 Reasons to Try Plant-Based Products, Lose Weight and Keep it Off, and Actively Defying Your Age. There were many guest speakers and  a wealth of information to absorb in Vegas. I feel I gained great insight on the “Performance” products and how we all have an athlete inside of us. All the training, classes, and walking around generated a massive appetite for dinner. I think I ended up with twenty thousand steps that day before dinner.



DJ Tone Capone with a new backpack Photo by Agnes Birchenough




We walked around to search for a fun place to grab a bite to eat and after walking up and down the strip, we ended back in the Venetian. Agnes and I enjoy all types of cultural food from around the world, especially Mexican. So we decided to get a few exciting appetizers and margaritas at Canonita. All the ceilings were painted with clouds, so we felt like we were outside without the hot, hot, heat. Also, we sat right near the water as the gondola operator passed by singing traditional Italian favorites. Afterwards, we headed to pool for a little rest and relaxation….much needed.img_2363



Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Photo by DJ Tone Capone




The following morning, we were up early and getting ready for another day of meeting amazing people. We had to go to registration to pick up identification lanyards, new book bags, and educational literature for a ninety day action plan. On our way to the first event, we ran into our special mentor, Carol Elizabeth. Carol is really amazing at helping others understand the health/wellness solution and transforming so many lives for the better. She rocks!


Next, we entered the massive main event room to great seats, because of the fifteen thousand attendees. Once we got to our seats, I noticed all the social media post regarding our event were all over the screens. I made a post about my breakfast shake and shot. Lucky enough, it was posted again for everyone to see. Now that is winning in Vegas, Big Time! A great way to start off the day with tons of helpful info.




During our morning rounds, I met “Adam the DJ’ spinning a morning mash-up to get the crowd warmed up for another eventful day of special goodness. This was such a good appetizer for our big surprise inside the main event for the day.

DJ Tone Capone and Adam the DJ Photo by Agnes Birchenough


The speakers for the morning sessions were so awesome. I gathered really motivational information to share with my team. “North is the only direction you can go. You are moving North all the time.” All this great info made me write down a few notes of my own. “Feel amazing everyday when you open your eyes and share the love with the world!” – DJ Tone Capone.



Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

While we were sitting through more wonderful speakers, the music faded low and out came Montell Jordan, singing his classic, “This is how we do it!” The crowed erupted into cheers and Agnes is up on chairs swinging her arms from side to side belting out the lyrics. I could tell she wanted to be a “Fly Girl” or backup dancer on stage. So much fun.

Montell Jordan hits the stage Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Moments later, there was a parody on the products and introductory product as well. This ignited a segway for Flo-rida to come out and drop a musical montage of all his classics from “Low, to My House.” We were so surprised and shocked. This was the ultimate energizer for the whole day.

Flo Rida Photo by Agnes Birchenough

After hanging with Montell Jordan and Flo-rida, we decided to go checkout the strip and make this an awesome Vegas trip. We walked down to the Bellagio, took a small journey through the Pink Flamingo, did a pit stop at Cesar’s Palace, grabbed a bite to eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse in the Mirage, and headed back to pool in the Venetian. Our feet needed the juccuzi big time.

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The next day, we found the fitness center and got a great workout in before our Gala. This was a special day for Agnes and myself. We got to workout hard, eat fabulous, feel amazing and dress up for the Gala.

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The Gala was really nice and everyone looked ready to rock the red carpet. As we got to our seats, we were surprised to be sitting right next to another amazing mentor on our team, Staci Shapiro Friedman. Staci is full of fun energy, makes me laugh, and always will find a way to help/congratulate others. Truly an amazing person.

Carol Elizabeth and Agnes Birchenough Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Staci Shapiro Friedman and Agnes Birchenough Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Michael Grayer and DJ Tone Capone Photo by Agnes Birchenough

We danced, sang, and moved to the beats of DJ Skemaddox. It was great event and we met with our mentors at the after party too. Really good vibes and great people to learn with, grow with, and make the world a better place. However, the night was getting late, really late and we had an 6am flight back to Florida. We didn’t get to bed until maybe 1am.

The next morning, we woke up at 5am and needed to be on the plane back to Florida by 6am. As we jumped out of bed and ran around the room shoving everything into our luggage, we managed to get down to the lobby and look for an Uber ride to the airport. Agnes was down the road flagging down a taxi driver as we had no time to wait for Uber. The taxi driver was very helpful and drove us to airport fast as possible. While in the back seat of the taxi, I looked over to Agnes and said,” I left my suit in the closet at the Venetian.” Agnes was super positive and said, “Don’t worry honey bunny, we will get your suit back. They can mail it or something.”

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

Agnes was right. I called the Venetian in route to the airport and filed a claim. The Venetian confirmed my suit, two shirts, and a computer charger were left in the room. All items will be mailed back to us in Florida.

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

The taxi pulled up the our terminal with twenty five minutes to spare. We checked our bags curbside, got through TSA with no issues and safely arrived to our departing gate with five minutes remaining. It was an adventurous experience with my team and more important, I got to do it with #mybest.

#mybest Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Looking forward to the next event with my team and wonderful mentors. “Feel amazing everyday when you open your eyes and share the love with the wolrd!” – DJ Tone Capone

Jamaican Reggae night with Beres Hammond and High Definition Music Entertainment

Good-day, reggae lovers! Last night, Jamaican reggae took over downtown Jacksonville, Florida at Mavericks Live. First, I want to give a big shoutout to Conscious Vibes (Patty Red Dreads) for putting together a fabulous event and unifying so many wonderful people. Also, Mavericks Live is an amazing indoor venue with plenty of room, outstanding service, and tremendous staff/security. Ohhh, and the soundsystem is booming of course!

Conscious Vibes (Uncle Patty Red Dreads) & DJ Tone Capone (High Definition Music Entertainment – Photo by Fast Eddie



Jacksonville Landing – Photo by Conscious Vibes (Patrick Walton)


Promo from Conscious Vibes




Maverick’s Live – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

I rolled out with Fast Eddie (my neighbor) to see the show and meet with the promoter, Conscious Vibes. We got the VIP treatment once we got to the door. Conscious Vibes really knows how to make all walks of life feel welcome and I believe that’s why his shows go over so well.

Fast Eddie helping with merchandise setup – Photo by DJ Tone Capone




Once we were inside, the smell of Jamaican cuisine was in the air. Immediately, my mouth started watering. I asked Fast Eddie if he was ready to “go in” on some of Chef Irie’s Jerk Chicken and I go that “Let’s do this head-nod.” Chef Irie’s menu included jerk chicken, ox tail, curry chicken, red snapper, brown stew chicken, beef patties, and the delicious sides (cabbage & red beans/rice). We went with the the jerk chicken, ox tail and a little sample of the brown stew chicken. Also, we washed down the deliciousness with good old Red Stripes.


Jamaican Delights with Chef Irie – Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Jerk Chicken, Red Beans/Rice, Cabbage and Beef Patty – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

First, Positive Iration Sound and Soundboy Selecta Ajah started to work the crowd on the patters with traditional dancehall riddims. The perimeter of the dance floor started to fill in with roots reggae lovers from all over. Selecta Ajah’s set included hits from Chronixx, Buju, Mad Cobra, Shabba, and Sister Nancy. It was a really good warm-up for NDKA (NewDubKulcha) to take the stage.




Soundcheck for NewDubKulcha – Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Selecta Ajah on the decks – Photo by DJ Tone Capone



Local band, NDKA has a really good energetic reggae sound. This was my first time seeing them live and I understand that they play a lot here in the JAX beach area. So if you get a chance, definitely check them out and support local reggae artist. The crescendo in their sound had me jumping around and ready to mash up the place. True roots reggae sound and a powerful vibe.

NDKA (NewDubKulcha) rocking the crowd! – Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Next, DJ King Frno jumped on the Pioneer DDJ‑SX2  and bounced back and forth from classic roots reggae, dancehall, Dub, raggamuffin, and Reggaeton. He gave you a little taste of each track to keep you on your set waiting for was to come next. Much respect to DJ King Frno, as he’s one of the best hype men I’ve seen or heard. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

DJ King Frno  hyping it up! – Photo by DJ Tone Capone



DJ Tone Capone & DJ King Frno – Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Finally, it’s time to rise up, Jacksonville! Beres Hammond’s band takes the stage and pumps out a medley of lovers rock reggae tunes. The horn and saxophone players were dueling it out, while the drummer went to town on every drum in the kit (even the bongos). The guitarist and bass  guitarist dubbed out the tracks for the legend to emerge from backdrop. The crowed was getting intense as more and more people packed out the entire dance floor area. Beres joined the celebration and the festivities were at an all time high! Everyone sang along with the legend and it was amazing to see so many different people dancing in unison.

Beres Hammond arrives! – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The Legend, Beres Hammond. Photo by DJ Tone Capone


The night was getting late. Fast Eddie and myself had to head out a bit early, but we did get to meet awesome artist, wonderful people, and visit a stellar venue (Maverick’s Live) and have some homegrown Jamaican delicacies. I’m looking forward to the next event at Maverick’s Live with Damian Jr. Gong Marley on Sunday (September 10th).

Once again, I want to thank everyone for making this concert experience possible and tuning into my post. Also, if you or someone you know is looking for a higher standard of professional DJ/Emcee services, please contact (609) 414-0223 or email anthony.birchenough for booking information. High Definition Music Entertainment specializes in weddings, birthdays, Sweet 16’s, anniversaries, private parties as well as corporate events.img_1899

Lastly, I passed Zoltar on my way in to Mavrick’s Live and I instantly thought of the movie, “Big,” with Tom Hanks. I loved watching this movie growing up and I always wanted the job. However, I did not get my fortune from Zoltar. Just a great picture of the legend fortune teller.

BIG Movie ZOLTAR scene


Zoltar tells the future….see you at the next HDME event. -Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Much respect to Conscious Vibes for getting Beres Hammond to sign my bongos used by the band! 

Bongos signed by Beres Hammond – Photo by Conscious Vibes

The Good Vibes 2017 Summer Tour with High Definition Music Entertainment

Yesterday, I had the privilege of VIP access to the Good Vibes 2017 Summer Tour at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater. This was my first visit to the amphitheater and I joined Conscious Vibes and Mr. Jones on our journey.

The lineup was sick! The opener was Hire all the way from Kaneohe, HI. Hirie put on a really nice set including her latest single, “I Wanna Be!” Hirie’s music is definitely worth checking out from the Hawaiian islands.

Hirie Live with Nahko with Medicine for the People

In between bands, DJ Mackle kept the crowd warm with surf roots reggae anthologies. The smooth transitions from song to song was heavy with massive dancehall drops! A really great set.

Collie Buddz took the crowed by storm playing handpicked tracks from his latest album, “Good Life!” Collie also played fan favorites like, “Come Around and Blind to You.” I was also able to catch up with Collie afterwards and chat about this years’ tour with Rebelution. Collie said, ” this tour is really exciting because I released the “Good Life” and it’s really nice to see how everyone reacts to new music. Nothing is better than see the entire crowed vibe off of my classics.” – Collie Buddz

Now, me and my wife Agnes, met Collie a few years back at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ and speaking with him this time was extra special. Collie took the time to speak with us and he signed my “Blind to You” t-shirt. Really great guy and I look forward to linking up with Collie again soon.

Next, Nahko and Medicine for the People took the stage. At first I didn’t know what to expect because I haven’t heard much of their music. I did watch a few videos and I thought they vibe was really laid back or mellow. Nahko exploded with a killer violinist and mashed-up the place with his machine gun lyrics. The energy was explosive and I’m going to spend some more time listening to these guys. Really powerful!

Finally, Rebelution time! I saw Rebelution a few months back on the 311 Caribbean Cruise 2017 to Cozumel, Mexico and I was ready to rock-steady again! They opened with “Inhale Exhale,”on of my favorite tracks of their latest album, “Falling into Place.” The Saint Augustine Amphitheater’s roof was about to blow off like a cork on a champagne bottle. The crowed went nuts and everyone was dancing to the massive basslines from Hill Kid.

Rebelution Live – Inhale Exhale

Rebelution really put on a great show and the 2017 Good Vibes Summer tour was a smash hit, here in Saint Augustine, Florida. I’m looking forward to new music from Rebelution and spending time diving into Nahko Bear’s tunes. A special shoutout to Conscious Vibes and Mr Jones for making this possible.

Tune in later this week as venture out to Mavericks for the Beres Hammond show in Jax Beach.

Lastly, if you or someone you know is looking for a higher standard of DJ services, contact (609) 414-0223 or email: anthony.birchenough@gmail.com for booking availability as well as pricing packages. We specialize in weddings, birthdays, Sweet 16’s, anniversaries, surf roots reggae and corporate events.