Communion at The Trenton Country Club

I really enjoy doing events at the Trenton Country Club, as it always reminds me of the movie, “Caddyshack”. Not that there’s a gopher going around pulling pranks on the golfers, but I truly enjoy the overall venue. The staff is tremendously helpful and kind to everyone! Also, the food is amazing!  Below, I’ve shared a few photos of us setting up for the festivities. The them for this party was Tiffany’s and all the decorations made the room look amazing.     I’m not really big on desserts, but how could anyone pass up this smorgasbord?    All the cakes and cookies were customized for the event, which added a personal touch!     Once we did our sound check, we started welcoming the guest with light cocktail music and top 40 hits.

  As the night progressed, we turned up the tempo and we had a chance to use the Chauvet Jr, RGB Geysers.  The new Chauvet Jr. Geysers added that extra explosive effect. It really made all the lights look great and the guest were dancing the night away.       This event was went off really well and we’re looking forward to our next party with this client (Memorial Day Weekend). It was an earlier event, so we had enough time to clean up and carve out some time to watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.  The day was packed with punches and dancing on the dance floor, as well as the boxing ring. We will chalk this up as win for one of our best clients for High Definition Music Entertainment.


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