70’s High School Reunion at The Polish Falcon Club

We believe that “word of mouth” is the best way to advertise our goods & services. Therefore, we would really like to thank all of our loyal fans for passing on the “good” word, in regards to our higher standard of DJ services.

A few weeks back, a life long friend of ours, reached out to me and said that his High School Reunion Committee was looking for a DJ, last minute. The DJ that they booked wasn’t able to perform that night and they were in need of an immediate back-fill for their reunion event. So our good friend, passed on the “good” word about our DJ service.

I immediately called the chairwoman of the committee to eliminate the panic at the disco!

DJ Bobby 🐝 Fresh & myself were born in the 70’s, so we had a good idea of what the client was looking for in regards to music & request.

We really enjoyed this event because it brought us back to our childhood days when we would rock out to our Father’s music (Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin & J Geils Band).

The light effects & smoke geysers made the room groovy!

We’re very happy that the 70’s Class Reunion party went over really well and the chairwoman left us tremendous feedback.

Once again, a sincere thank you to John for recommending HDME & passing on the “good” word!

If you or someone you know, is looking for a higher standard of DJ services; kindly pass the “good” word!

         Impact the Masses – HDME

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