Roots Rock Reggae – DJ Tone Capone

Roots Rock Reggae Music has impacted my life at an early age. If I can remember correctly, I want to say I was introduced to Peter Tosh first. The album was “The Toughest!” Once I heard the riffs and reggae beats from Steeping Razor himself, I was moved internally. A door opened that led me to a lifetime of loving roots rock reggae.


One of the things that attracted me most, was the positive message and irie vibes that transmitted through most reggae music. It is was a combination of dancehall riddims, rap/hip-hop over guitars, and drums that brought me to one of my favorite bands, (311). The drummer, Chad Sexton, is by far one of the most influential musicians I’ve ever seen live. I remember my first time seeing 311 live at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA with the Pharcyde and Cypress Hill. It was epic. The drumsolo would last forever. A2NnwfuCcAAajbY

As the years went on, I was introduced to older reggae artist and newer musicians, but the message was still positive and love your life. Now we all go through ups and downs to overcome challenges. For me, roots rock reggae, helped me get out of funks, build motivation, inspire others to love, and appreciated life entirely. It’s amazing how we can listen to a song and connect a verse or a chorus to a certain time in our lives. I feel like reggae is gift to share with everyone. Even if you’re not into reggae, I feel like it puts everyone in a great mood.


When I DJ, I like to play at least one reggae song to spread the love and good vibes among us all. It is a way for me to spread the love though sound waves and vibrations. Recently, I’ve done a couple “DJ Tone Capone Roots Rock Reggae Live Sets” on Facebook and I’ve gotten some great feedback. Check’em out when you get a moment. It’s a tremendous feeling when you’re doing something you love. Naturally, it flows out of me like a river.

I truly appreciate everyone that tunes into the “Live Set” and books with High Definition Music Entertainment.

I will continue to share stories of my travels and insights on the latest/greatest reggae. Just remember, “every little thing, is gonna be alright – Don’t worry!” – Robert Nesta


My little A’s.

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