Notes in a Musical World – DJ Tone Capone

When I was in third grade at Parkway Elementary School in Ewing, NJ, I was given the opportunity to play an instrument. Ms. Boone was the music teacher/conductor and she asked all the students which instruments everyone would like to play. I gave it some thought and I wanted to be a drummer. I felt that drummers were really cool and their job was to hold/create the beat for all musical pieces.

The one thing that I didn’t realize about drumming is that you have to practice everyday for at least twenty minutes to improve technique and rhythm.  I was given a drum pad, a rudiment drum beat book to practice drum paradiddles, and I had to buy my own sticks. My sticks were neon green and I carried them everywhere. Also, I was given a denim sack to carry the drum pad, book, and sticks. The bag had a faded musical note on it. I instantly wanted to become the best drummer in the world. I look up to Chad Sexton (311) as one of the most inspiring drummers of all time.

My older sister Kim, played the violin and I was able to attend once of her concerts at Fisher Middle School in Ewing, NJ. I was fascinated with how the room filled up with all the families and friends to see the concert. During the concert, I noticed there was a red drum set on stage and I couldn’t wait to see who was going to play the drums. Chris Snook sat at the drum set and did a massive drum role/solo on the toms in the Beach Boy’s song, “Wipe Out!” Everyone in the audience went crazy and I was amazed how music/drums made people react. I knew at that moment, I wanted to connect with the world through music.

As I got older, my parents bought me my first drum set for Christmas. My younger sister Dawn, was the first to wake up on that Christmas morning and she ran into my room to tell me that I got a drum set for Christmas. I didn’t believe her at all. She said, “fine you don’t believe me?” Then, she ran downstairs and crashed one of the cymbals at five in the morning to wake up the whole house. I sat at that drum set all day trying to play along with the Christmas songs playing on my Dad’s home stereo to the point where my Mom gave the look (take break now).

I’m really thankful that my parents got me the drum set and I still have one to this day. Actually, I have multiple drums/musical instruments that I’ve acquired during my travels. I also got involved with DJing, because I loved seeing people have a great time and celebrate.

Music is the way we communicate, inspire, educate, motivate, meditate, love, and share positive vibrations. What would it be like in an elevator without the classic background tunes? A world of silence all the way to the top floor? Sounds like I would start tapping my toes along the way up to create some sort of beat to the moving elevator.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a music lover, I believe we’re all musical notes in a musical universe. Depending on how much passion, happiness, and purpose each note has; that will determine how loud/far the note will ring out for all to hear. We can all touch someones life with a ringing vibration. I choose to be a drummer/DJ that moves to beat of my heart.

What beat inspires you?



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