Lawrence Township Police 2017 Annual Awards/Retirement Banquet with HDME

Yesterday, High Definition Music Entertainment was privileged to provide professional entertainment for the Lawrence Township Police 2017 Annual Awards/Retirement Banquet. DJ Joey C and Myself (DJ Tone Capone) were on the scene at Mercer Oaks Country Club in West Windsor Township, NJ. Mercer Oaks Country Club is a beautiful venue and the entire staff did a tremendous job making the banquet a huge success.

There were about 200+ people in attendance. Most were police officers (current/retired), family, friends, as well as the Mayor of Lawrence Township, David C. Maffei. There were over 25 award recipients and an officer of the year award too. The Knights of Columbus were in attendance as well and they also gave out an honorable award to one of Lawrence PD’s finest.

Almost everyone that got an award gave a speech or shared their stories of working in law enforcement for many years.  I was impressed with the stories and I learned a lot from listening.

Thank you, Sgt. Joe Lech IV

One officer mentioned, you can wake up happy, have the best morning, kiss your wife and children off to school/work. Once you get to work, all hell breaks loose. These are instances that you cannot plan for. Another officer mentioned the importance of awards and rewards in life. Now this is something I will remember forever. He said, “It’s not about how many awards you get in life. It’s the rewards that bring us true happiness. If you love what you do and you’re passionate, the rewards are overwhelming.”

I truly believe that we all get rewarded when we put are heart into everything we do. A special thank you, to Sgt. Joe Lech IV for inviting DJ Tone Capone (HDME) to this wonderful banquet. Also, a salute to the police officers in Lawrence Township, NJ for their civil services.

All business  and referrals are greatly appreciated. Please contact to book your next event with High Definition Music Entertainment.

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