High Definition Music Entertainment with Arise Roots!

Rise up with DJ Tone Capone and High Definition Music Entertainment in the greater Saint Johns, Florida area. The surf roots reggae vibe scene is so amazing here! If you love roots music and “live shows,” this is the ultimate paradise. My calendar is loading up with most of the upcoming concerts.

Last week, I joined my childhood friend Conscious Vibes (Uncle Patty Red Dreads) at Surfer The Bar to see Arise Roots, Dubbest, and Jahmen. This was a free show at such a nice location in Jax beach. The area is really nice and the bar overlooks the beach.

Inside the bar, it was really open with a modern clean feel and saltwater in the air. I could literally smell the sea foam. There was a massive silver screen with surfing videos playing behind the bands on stage. I didn’t make it in time to see Dubbest perform, but I was able to meet the band and share small talk.

I did catch most of Jahmen’s performance and they rocked that stage with the Irie vibes! The band members included a father, two or three brother’s on horns, drums, bongos, and guitars. It was such a great collaboration of musical talent and an opening act for the main event.

In between acts, we went to the top level of Surfer The Bar to meet meet members of Arise Roots.  I met with Karim Israel (lead singer) and he was very warm and welcoming. We chatted about Arise Root’s performance at the Los Angeles Dodger’s game a week prior. I shared High Definition Music Entertainment and Conscious Vibes with Karim. It was a great way to start my journey in the music scene here in Saint Johns, FL.

Also, I was able to grab a quick bit to eat before Arise Roots took the stage. Check out the chicken vegetable Ramen noodle bowl with Ahi Tuna Taco.

It was so delicious and I definitely want to try and make this for my wife/children.

Arise Roots took the stage and played an amazing set! It was such a great experience and I’m looking forward to the upcoming shows. We had  a wonderful night and I met plenty of amazing people.

This Sunday, we have Rebelution, Nahko and Medicine for The People, Collie Buddz, Hirie, and DJ Mackel at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater. Next Wednesday (8/2), we will be at Beres Hammond, New Dub Kulcha, Positive Iration and Selecta Ajah at Mavericks (Jacksonville Landing).

Stay tuned for the insider behind the scenes with DJ Tone Capone from High Definition Music Entertainment.
If you or someone you is looking for professional DJ services, contact Anthony – (609) 414-0223 or email anthony.birchenough@gmail.com for booking info and package information. – A high standard of DJ services!

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