Jamaican Reggae night with Beres Hammond and High Definition Music Entertainment

Good-day, reggae lovers! Last night, Jamaican reggae took over downtown Jacksonville, Florida at Mavericks Live. First, I want to give a big shoutout to Conscious Vibes (Patty Red Dreads) for putting together a fabulous event and unifying so many wonderful people. Also, Mavericks Live is an amazing indoor venue with plenty of room, outstanding service, and tremendous staff/security. Ohhh, and the soundsystem is booming of course!

Conscious Vibes (Uncle Patty Red Dreads) & DJ Tone Capone (High Definition Music Entertainment – Photo by Fast Eddie



Jacksonville Landing – Photo by Conscious Vibes (Patrick Walton)

Promo from Conscious Vibes




Maverick’s Live – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

I rolled out with Fast Eddie (my neighbor) to see the show and meet with the promoter, Conscious Vibes. We got the VIP treatment once we got to the door. Conscious Vibes really knows how to make all walks of life feel welcome and I believe that’s why his shows go over so well.

Fast Eddie helping with merchandise setup – Photo by DJ Tone Capone




Once we were inside, the smell of Jamaican cuisine was in the air. Immediately, my mouth started watering. I asked Fast Eddie if he was ready to “go in” on some of Chef Irie’s Jerk Chicken and I go that “Let’s do this head-nod.” Chef Irie’s menu included jerk chicken, ox tail, curry chicken, red snapper, brown stew chicken, beef patties, and the delicious sides (cabbage & red beans/rice). We went with the the jerk chicken, ox tail and a little sample of the brown stew chicken. Also, we washed down the deliciousness with good old Red Stripes.


Jamaican Delights with Chef Irie – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Jerk Chicken, Red Beans/Rice, Cabbage and Beef Patty – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

First, Positive Iration Sound and Soundboy Selecta Ajah started to work the crowd on the patters with traditional dancehall riddims. The perimeter of the dance floor started to fill in with roots reggae lovers from all over. Selecta Ajah’s set included hits from Chronixx, Buju, Mad Cobra, Shabba, and Sister Nancy. It was a really good warm-up for NDKA (NewDubKulcha) to take the stage.




Soundcheck for NewDubKulcha – Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Selecta Ajah on the decks – Photo by DJ Tone Capone



Local band, NDKA has a really good energetic reggae sound. This was my first time seeing them live and I understand that they play a lot here in the JAX beach area. So if you get a chance, definitely check them out and support local reggae artist. The crescendo in their sound had me jumping around and ready to mash up the place. True roots reggae sound and a powerful vibe.

NDKA (NewDubKulcha) rocking the crowd! – Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Next, DJ King Frno jumped on the Pioneer DDJ‑SX2  and bounced back and forth from classic roots reggae, dancehall, Dub, raggamuffin, and Reggaeton. He gave you a little taste of each track to keep you on your set waiting for was to come next. Much respect to DJ King Frno, as he’s one of the best hype men I’ve seen or heard. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

DJ King Frno  hyping it up! – Photo by DJ Tone Capone



DJ Tone Capone & DJ King Frno – Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Finally, it’s time to rise up, Jacksonville! Beres Hammond’s band takes the stage and pumps out a medley of lovers rock reggae tunes. The horn and saxophone players were dueling it out, while the drummer went to town on every drum in the kit (even the bongos). The guitarist and bass  guitarist dubbed out the tracks for the legend to emerge from backdrop. The crowed was getting intense as more and more people packed out the entire dance floor area. Beres joined the celebration and the festivities were at an all time high! Everyone sang along with the legend and it was amazing to see so many different people dancing in unison.

Beres Hammond arrives! – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The Legend, Beres Hammond. Photo by DJ Tone Capone


The night was getting late. Fast Eddie and myself had to head out a bit early, but we did get to meet awesome artist, wonderful people, and visit a stellar venue (Maverick’s Live) and have some homegrown Jamaican delicacies. I’m looking forward to the next event at Maverick’s Live with Damian Jr. Gong Marley on Sunday (September 10th).

Once again, I want to thank everyone for making this concert experience possible and tuning into my post. Also, if you or someone you know is looking for a higher standard of professional DJ/Emcee services, please contact (609) 414-0223 or email anthony.birchenough for booking information. High Definition Music Entertainment specializes in weddings, birthdays, Sweet 16’s, anniversaries, private parties as well as corporate events.img_1899

Lastly, I passed Zoltar on my way in to Mavrick’s Live and I instantly thought of the movie, “Big,” with Tom Hanks. I loved watching this movie growing up and I always wanted the job. However, I did not get my fortune from Zoltar. Just a great picture of the legend fortune teller.

BIG Movie ZOLTAR scene


Zoltar tells the future….see you at the next HDME event. -Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Much respect to Conscious Vibes for getting Beres Hammond to sign my bongos used by the band! 

Bongos signed by Beres Hammond – Photo by Conscious Vibes

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