Taking on Vegas Baby!

A couple weeks ago, I went to Vegas for a few days with my beautiful wife Agnes. This trip was more educational/training trip and we still had the amazing Vegas experience. It was our first trip to Vegas and we met so many wonderful people along the way. Also, we had a frantic experience on our way back to airport, but that’s for later in the story.


We were fortunate enough to have my mother-in-law come stay with the children while we took off from Jacksonville International Airport and headed to Atlanta for a short layover. While in the ATL, we stopped into one of Ludacris’s restaurants, “Chicken + Beer,” before our flight to Las Vegas. The buffalo dipped chicken and double cheese burger (no bun) were so good! Also, the craft beer selection was on point. The ATL craft beers have a decent percentage of alcohol and a crisp taste of hops.  Very nice selection.




Next, we boarded our plane and headed out to Vegas. We were fortunate to have two seats right next to each other and Agnes was nice enough to give up the window seat. She leaned on me for most of the flight, so it was a win all around.


We landed in Vegas and immediately headed to baggage claim so we could get to the Uber asap. Our Uber driver was really nice and informative. He gave us a brief tour on the way to The Venetian Las Vegas.

Once we arrived to the Venetian, the check in line seemed long, but went smoothly and we were finally in our suite ready to take on our first night Vegas. It was a bit late for us, since we’re from the east coast and we spent most of the day traveling. However, we got our walking shoes on and hit the strip.


If you’ve never been to Vegas, it really is an eyeopening experience. All the architectural design of the enormous casinos, hotels, restaurants really are tremendous to see in person. Now I’m not much of a gambler, but I do enjoy bight lights in a big city once in a while. The streets were packed with plenty of people, artist, magicians and street performers as well. We had an early training session, so we did head back to hotel early enough to get a few hours of sleep before a full day of training and partying.






The next morning, we were up early and headed to our “Science Talks” training. We wanted to get great seats because fifteen thousand people were in attendance. The Science Talks were about Solutions to Transform Lives, 5 Reasons to Try Plant-Based Products, Lose Weight and Keep it Off, and Actively Defying Your Age. There were many guest speakers and  a wealth of information to absorb in Vegas. I feel I gained great insight on the “Performance” products and how we all have an athlete inside of us. All the training, classes, and walking around generated a massive appetite for dinner. I think I ended up with twenty thousand steps that day before dinner.



DJ Tone Capone with a new backpack Photo by Agnes Birchenough




We walked around to search for a fun place to grab a bite to eat and after walking up and down the strip, we ended back in the Venetian. Agnes and I enjoy all types of cultural food from around the world, especially Mexican. So we decided to get a few exciting appetizers and margaritas at Canonita. All the ceilings were painted with clouds, so we felt like we were outside without the hot, hot, heat. Also, we sat right near the water as the gondola operator passed by singing traditional Italian favorites. Afterwards, we headed to pool for a little rest and relaxation….much needed.img_2363



Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Photo by DJ Tone Capone




The following morning, we were up early and getting ready for another day of meeting amazing people. We had to go to registration to pick up identification lanyards, new book bags, and educational literature for a ninety day action plan. On our way to the first event, we ran into our special mentor, Carol Elizabeth. Carol is really amazing at helping others understand the health/wellness solution and transforming so many lives for the better. She rocks!


Next, we entered the massive main event room to great seats, because of the fifteen thousand attendees. Once we got to our seats, I noticed all the social media post regarding our event were all over the screens. I made a post about my breakfast shake and shot. Lucky enough, it was posted again for everyone to see. Now that is winning in Vegas, Big Time! A great way to start off the day with tons of helpful info.




During our morning rounds, I met “Adam the DJ’ spinning a morning mash-up to get the crowd warmed up for another eventful day of special goodness. This was such a good appetizer for our big surprise inside the main event for the day.

DJ Tone Capone and Adam the DJ Photo by Agnes Birchenough


The speakers for the morning sessions were so awesome. I gathered really motivational information to share with my team. “North is the only direction you can go. You are moving North all the time.” All this great info made me write down a few notes of my own. “Feel amazing everyday when you open your eyes and share the love with the world!” – DJ Tone Capone.



Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

While we were sitting through more wonderful speakers, the music faded low and out came Montell Jordan, singing his classic, “This is how we do it!” The crowed erupted into cheers and Agnes is up on chairs swinging her arms from side to side belting out the lyrics. I could tell she wanted to be a “Fly Girl” or backup dancer on stage. So much fun.

Montell Jordan hits the stage Photo by DJ Tone Capone


Moments later, there was a parody on the products and introductory product as well. This ignited a segway for Flo-rida to come out and drop a musical montage of all his classics from “Low, to My House.” We were so surprised and shocked. This was the ultimate energizer for the whole day.

Flo Rida Photo by Agnes Birchenough

After hanging with Montell Jordan and Flo-rida, we decided to go checkout the strip and make this an awesome Vegas trip. We walked down to the Bellagio, took a small journey through the Pink Flamingo, did a pit stop at Cesar’s Palace, grabbed a bite to eat at a Brazilian Steakhouse in the Mirage, and headed back to pool in the Venetian. Our feet needed the juccuzi big time.

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The next day, we found the fitness center and got a great workout in before our Gala. This was a special day for Agnes and myself. We got to workout hard, eat fabulous, feel amazing and dress up for the Gala.

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The Gala was really nice and everyone looked ready to rock the red carpet. As we got to our seats, we were surprised to be sitting right next to another amazing mentor on our team, Staci Shapiro Friedman. Staci is full of fun energy, makes me laugh, and always will find a way to help/congratulate others. Truly an amazing person.

Carol Elizabeth and Agnes Birchenough Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Staci Shapiro Friedman and Agnes Birchenough Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Michael Grayer and DJ Tone Capone Photo by Agnes Birchenough

We danced, sang, and moved to the beats of DJ Skemaddox. It was great event and we met with our mentors at the after party too. Really good vibes and great people to learn with, grow with, and make the world a better place. However, the night was getting late, really late and we had an 6am flight back to Florida. We didn’t get to bed until maybe 1am.

The next morning, we woke up at 5am and needed to be on the plane back to Florida by 6am. As we jumped out of bed and ran around the room shoving everything into our luggage, we managed to get down to the lobby and look for an Uber ride to the airport. Agnes was down the road flagging down a taxi driver as we had no time to wait for Uber. The taxi driver was very helpful and drove us to airport fast as possible. While in the back seat of the taxi, I looked over to Agnes and said,” I left my suit in the closet at the Venetian.” Agnes was super positive and said, “Don’t worry honey bunny, we will get your suit back. They can mail it or something.”

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

Agnes was right. I called the Venetian in route to the airport and filed a claim. The Venetian confirmed my suit, two shirts, and a computer charger were left in the room. All items will be mailed back to us in Florida.

Photo by Agnes Birchenough

The taxi pulled up the our terminal with twenty five minutes to spare. We checked our bags curbside, got through TSA with no issues and safely arrived to our departing gate with five minutes remaining. It was an adventurous experience with my team and more important, I got to do it with #mybest.

#mybest Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Looking forward to the next event with my team and wonderful mentors. “Feel amazing everyday when you open your eyes and share the love with the wolrd!” – DJ Tone Capone

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