Jahmen, Fortunate Youth, DJ Tone Capone and High Definition Music Entertainment at Jack Rabbits

Last night, me and Fast Eddie hit Jack Rabbits in a historic part of Jacksonville, Florida. Our good buddy, Uncle Patty Red Dreads (Conscious Vibes) was nice enough to us on the guest list, so big shoutout to Conscious Vibe Concert Promotions on the hookups. Jahmen (Jacksonville natives) and Fortunate Youth (Hermosa Beach, California) took over Jack Rabbits by storm with the surf roots reggae vibe. It was a nice tight show with a special acoustic set by Dan Kelly, Fortunate Youth’s lead singer.

Jack Rabbits selection of brews -Photo by DJ Tone Capone

City Hall Jacksonville – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Prior to entering Jack Rabbits, we veered off path to a close by pizzeria to grab a quick bite to eat. I got word that V Pizza has amazing wings and I’m a wing lover, so that’s where we headed.

V Pizza – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

V Pizza is located about a block or two down from Jack Rabbits. The entrance was in the rear and before we got inside, the smell of fresh basil and tomato was wafting in the air. Even though I had a shake before I left home, I still made a little room for a couple wings and a few slices of pepperoni pie.

Wings at V Pizza – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

The inside of V Pizza was very modern, with high tables/seats and very family friendly. The staff and services were very welcoming and we had a pleasant experience.   The wings were probably one of my favorites and If you know me, I washed it down with a good ol’fashion root beer. Fast Eddie agreed that the food was on point. Also, we noticed a sidebar on our way out, which included a hip outside sitting area, a full bar with tvs and plenty of patrons enjoying the late August evening.

One of the best wings in JAX – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Afterwards, we ventured down to the box office window at Jack Rabbits and got checked in for the show. There was a decent line outside bar door entrance. The vibe was nice and everyone seemed really chill. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the inside, because I heard it gets packed.

Once we were inside, we got a couple Red Stripes and checked out the merchandise table, the soundboard, as well as the concert area. Yes, the place was dark and gave off a grunge feel. This was a very familiar feeling. It was similar to venue back in Trenton, NJ (City Gardens) where ska and punk bands were on a regular basis. I think Nirvana and Offspring actually played at City Gardens at some point.


Fortunate Youth Merch – Photo by DJ Tone Capone





Got Mr Big to flex..Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Anyhow, I spoke to sound engineer to see if we missed Jahmen and he said, “No, they will hit the stage in five minutes.” I was like, , “I really wanted to see them for a second time.” I saw Jahmen open up for Arise Roots a few weeks ago at Surfer the Bar in JAX Beach and they put on an epic show.

All the way from New Jersey and look what I found next to Pac Man and Streetfighter 2 – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Jahmen hit the stage running. Front man Alex Levya shouts,”It’s good to be home Jacksonville” and the crowd exploded into that deep irie vibe. Dreadheads let loose and let the rastamon take control. Jahmen blasted a few classics like, “General and Test the System.” Levya also shared a new Jahmen single with us that will be out soon! We’re looking forward to hearing it again. Travi Bongo joined us in the crowed while Jahmen played the remainder of their homegrown set.

Jahmen take the stage – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Jahmen – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Jahmen – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Fortunate Youth’s lead singer, Dan Kelly slowly walks on the stage with his acoustic guitar and half cup spirits in hand. Dan took a seat front and center and the crowed was full of energy and waiting for that first musical note. We went on a 8-10 track acoustic journey through Dan’s personal life and well being in the roots reggae scene. I was very impressed with the lead musicians ability to story tell, sing, and hype up the crowed for the main event.

Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

After a short intermission, Fortunate Youth infiltrated the stage and manned the instruments. The entire crowed was engaged, electrified, and stimulated from the gnarly reggae riffs. We were blessed with Fortunate Youth’s “Love is the Most High and Burn One,” crowd favorites.

Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone 

Travi Bongo, Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Fortunate Youth – Photo by DJ Tone Capone

Overall, our first trip to Jack Rabbits was awesome. Fast Eddie and myself will definitely be back to see more shows at Jack Rabbits. Hopefully Uncle Patty Red Dreads can make the next event, as we have a some great shows coming to JAX Beach area. Stay tuned fam.​


DJ Tone Capone – High Definition Music Entertainment

Once again, if you know someone looking for a higher standard of DJ/Emcee services, please contact DJ Tone Capone at High Definition Music Entertainment – (609) 414-0223

“Impact the masses with a higher standard of DJ services” – HDME

Uncle Patty Red Dreads

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