DJ Bobby 🐝 Fresh – It’s All About the Shades 

DJ Bobby 🐝 Fresh called me up a few weeks back and said he wanted to add a little twist to our tag-team performance.

As I thought for a moment, what does he have in mind. As per our conversation, we talked about the traditional party giveaways, light-up foam batons, fun hats, beaded necklaces and sunglasses.

Those of you that know DJ Bobby 🐝 Fresh, understand his passion for fashion and shades.


DJ Bobby 🐝 Fresh said he ordered us some fun shades for our next performance and then I received the text message.

“What do you think,” he asked. My first thought was, will we be able to see with those glasses?

“Absolutely & Light the Way” – DJ Bobby 🐝 Fresh

We will breakout the new shades at our next show and I will post pictures! If we were in professional wrestling, we would be the Killer Bees!

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