DJ Tone Capone “Live Sets” from High Definition Music Entertainment

Hey, we’re going “live” in 3, 2, 1, action! Welcome to the DJ Tone Capone “Live Sets” from High Definition Music Entertainment. Enter the portal of handpicked tracks, remixes, and original tunes from yours truly – DJ Tone Capone.

The “Live Sets” are a great way for me to take a blank canvas and paint with endless amounts of color and musical vibrations. Depending on the mood and energy level, the live freestyle mixes are a transmission of positive light and special goodness. Some of the “Live Sets” tell stories and some are just good ol’ fashion slam dance sessions. I call it, “Medicine for the People!”

Regardless if you like hip-hop, rap, house, EDM, reggae, latin, alternative, pop, freestyle, or rock, I always try to incorporate all genres of the musical spectrum. I really try to put a little bit in the mix for everyone and occasionally I will take request while broadcasting. In the future, I plan on taking request prior to the “Live Set” and hearing the “Best of Request Live Set!” I’m excited to see what types of interesting request come my way.

If you have tuned into the “Live Sets” in the past, I thank you and appreciate all the support. If you have not, then you’re in for an amazing show with prize giveaways! Who likes free prize giveaways? I know I was super excited when I won my first 311, Cypress Hill, and The Pharcyde concert tickets (Electric Factory, Philli) from WYSP back in NJ!

Checkout a few of the previous “Live Sets” and let me know your thoughts as well as feedback. I’m always looking for new ideas and your feedback is important to the evolution of High Definition Music Entertainment!

Dancehall Summer Splash “Live Set” with DJ Tone Capone ❤️💛💚🤙🏻🎶🎧

Snow days, good vibes, great tracks by DJ Tone Capone.

Mid day Mashup with DJ Tone Capone

House 🏠 Music 🎶 via DJ Tone Capone

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High Definition Music Entertainment with Arise Roots!

Rise up with DJ Tone Capone and High Definition Music Entertainment in the greater Saint Johns, Florida area. The surf roots reggae vibe scene is so amazing here! If you love roots music and “live shows,” this is the ultimate paradise. My calendar is loading up with most of the upcoming concerts.

Last week, I joined my childhood friend Conscious Vibes (Uncle Patty Red Dreads) at Surfer The Bar to see Arise Roots, Dubbest, and Jahmen. This was a free show at such a nice location in Jax beach. The area is really nice and the bar overlooks the beach.

Inside the bar, it was really open with a modern clean feel and saltwater in the air. I could literally smell the sea foam. There was a massive silver screen with surfing videos playing behind the bands on stage. I didn’t make it in time to see Dubbest perform, but I was able to meet the band and share small talk.

I did catch most of Jahmen’s performance and they rocked that stage with the Irie vibes! The band members included a father, two or three brother’s on horns, drums, bongos, and guitars. It was such a great collaboration of musical talent and an opening act for the main event.

In between acts, we went to the top level of Surfer The Bar to meet meet members of Arise Roots.  I met with Karim Israel (lead singer) and he was very warm and welcoming. We chatted about Arise Root’s performance at the Los Angeles Dodger’s game a week prior. I shared High Definition Music Entertainment and Conscious Vibes with Karim. It was a great way to start my journey in the music scene here in Saint Johns, FL.

Also, I was able to grab a quick bit to eat before Arise Roots took the stage. Check out the chicken vegetable Ramen noodle bowl with Ahi Tuna Taco.

It was so delicious and I definitely want to try and make this for my wife/children.

Arise Roots took the stage and played an amazing set! It was such a great experience and I’m looking forward to the upcoming shows. We had  a wonderful night and I met plenty of amazing people.

This Sunday, we have Rebelution, Nahko and Medicine for The People, Collie Buddz, Hirie, and DJ Mackel at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater. Next Wednesday (8/2), we will be at Beres Hammond, New Dub Kulcha, Positive Iration and Selecta Ajah at Mavericks (Jacksonville Landing).

Stay tuned for the insider behind the scenes with DJ Tone Capone from High Definition Music Entertainment.
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Lawrence Township Police 2017 Annual Awards/Retirement Banquet with HDME

Yesterday, High Definition Music Entertainment was privileged to provide professional entertainment for the Lawrence Township Police 2017 Annual Awards/Retirement Banquet. DJ Joey C and Myself (DJ Tone Capone) were on the scene at Mercer Oaks Country Club in West Windsor Township, NJ. Mercer Oaks Country Club is a beautiful venue and the entire staff did a tremendous job making the banquet a huge success.

There were about 200+ people in attendance. Most were police officers (current/retired), family, friends, as well as the Mayor of Lawrence Township, David C. Maffei. There were over 25 award recipients and an officer of the year award too. The Knights of Columbus were in attendance as well and they also gave out an honorable award to one of Lawrence PD’s finest.

Almost everyone that got an award gave a speech or shared their stories of working in law enforcement for many years.  I was impressed with the stories and I learned a lot from listening.

Thank you, Sgt. Joe Lech IV

One officer mentioned, you can wake up happy, have the best morning, kiss your wife and children off to school/work. Once you get to work, all hell breaks loose. These are instances that you cannot plan for. Another officer mentioned the importance of awards and rewards in life. Now this is something I will remember forever. He said, “It’s not about how many awards you get in life. It’s the rewards that bring us true happiness. If you love what you do and you’re passionate, the rewards are overwhelming.”

I truly believe that we all get rewarded when we put are heart into everything we do. A special thank you, to Sgt. Joe Lech IV for inviting DJ Tone Capone (HDME) to this wonderful banquet. Also, a salute to the police officers in Lawrence Township, NJ for their civil services.

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Notes in a Musical World – DJ Tone Capone

When I was in third grade at Parkway Elementary School in Ewing, NJ, I was given the opportunity to play an instrument. Ms. Boone was the music teacher/conductor and she asked all the students which instruments everyone would like to play. I gave it some thought and I wanted to be a drummer. I felt that drummers were really cool and their job was to hold/create the beat for all musical pieces.

The one thing that I didn’t realize about drumming is that you have to practice everyday for at least twenty minutes to improve technique and rhythm.  I was given a drum pad, a rudiment drum beat book to practice drum paradiddles, and I had to buy my own sticks. My sticks were neon green and I carried them everywhere. Also, I was given a denim sack to carry the drum pad, book, and sticks. The bag had a faded musical note on it. I instantly wanted to become the best drummer in the world. I look up to Chad Sexton (311) as one of the most inspiring drummers of all time.

My older sister Kim, played the violin and I was able to attend once of her concerts at Fisher Middle School in Ewing, NJ. I was fascinated with how the room filled up with all the families and friends to see the concert. During the concert, I noticed there was a red drum set on stage and I couldn’t wait to see who was going to play the drums. Chris Snook sat at the drum set and did a massive drum role/solo on the toms in the Beach Boy’s song, “Wipe Out!” Everyone in the audience went crazy and I was amazed how music/drums made people react. I knew at that moment, I wanted to connect with the world through music.

As I got older, my parents bought me my first drum set for Christmas. My younger sister Dawn, was the first to wake up on that Christmas morning and she ran into my room to tell me that I got a drum set for Christmas. I didn’t believe her at all. She said, “fine you don’t believe me?” Then, she ran downstairs and crashed one of the cymbals at five in the morning to wake up the whole house. I sat at that drum set all day trying to play along with the Christmas songs playing on my Dad’s home stereo to the point where my Mom gave the look (take break now).

I’m really thankful that my parents got me the drum set and I still have one to this day. Actually, I have multiple drums/musical instruments that I’ve acquired during my travels. I also got involved with DJing, because I loved seeing people have a great time and celebrate.

Music is the way we communicate, inspire, educate, motivate, meditate, love, and share positive vibrations. What would it be like in an elevator without the classic background tunes? A world of silence all the way to the top floor? Sounds like I would start tapping my toes along the way up to create some sort of beat to the moving elevator.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a music lover, I believe we’re all musical notes in a musical universe. Depending on how much passion, happiness, and purpose each note has; that will determine how loud/far the note will ring out for all to hear. We can all touch someones life with a ringing vibration. I choose to be a drummer/DJ that moves to beat of my heart.

What beat inspires you?



School Dance/Communion Parties for DJ Tone Capone – HDME

I had two back to back events this past weekend which was really exciting. Friday night was full of dancing, limbo, and line dances for the entire middle school. Even though the weather was uncooperative on Saturday, the parties were a smash hit.

Friday, I packed up the High Definition Music Entertainment Mobil Mystery Machine and headed to Timberlane Middle School, in Hopewell Township, New Jersey. The event involved games, dance competitions, and snacks for the students. I really like these types of events, because I get request for the newest music as well as a few oldies. Now Bohemian Rhapsody is a classic, but it was great to see the young folks get down and sing all the words. A special thank you to Maja for always reaching out to HDME!


They love “Juju on that beat!”

Saturday, it was raining and pouring, but there was no time to stay in bed for snoring. Not only was it my 6 year Anniversary to my beautiful wife Agnes, but I had to make a pit stop by my little neighbor Christopher’s communion party before heading out to the main event.



Congratulations, Christopher on your Holy Communion. 

Saturday night, I arrived at the Trenton Country Club, in Trenton, NJ to entertain all 200+ guest for Nina’s communion. This is one of my favorite venues, because it’s classic and it gives off the “Caddyshack” fun vibe, without the gopher creating havoc. The rain didn’t cause a damper on this party.





The ballroom was so beautifully decorated and the setting was outstanding! Once I finished setup, it was “Show Time” and the guest started to pour in for the excitement. The center pieces were amazing and the cake was fabulous. A special thank you to Stacey, as she always throws the best parties and keeps me in mind.

Congratulations on your Holy Communion, Nina!

It was a busy, but fun weekend for DJ Tone Capone and the High Definition Music Entertainment crew. All the business and referrals are greatly appreciated. If you or someone you know is having an upcoming event, please contact me at for inquires. HDME – A higher standard of DJ services.


Roots Rock Reggae – DJ Tone Capone

Roots Rock Reggae Music has impacted my life at an early age. If I can remember correctly, I want to say I was introduced to Peter Tosh first. The album was “The Toughest!” Once I heard the riffs and reggae beats from Steeping Razor himself, I was moved internally. A door opened that led me to a lifetime of loving roots rock reggae.


One of the things that attracted me most, was the positive message and irie vibes that transmitted through most reggae music. It is was a combination of dancehall riddims, rap/hip-hop over guitars, and drums that brought me to one of my favorite bands, (311). The drummer, Chad Sexton, is by far one of the most influential musicians I’ve ever seen live. I remember my first time seeing 311 live at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA with the Pharcyde and Cypress Hill. It was epic. The drumsolo would last forever. A2NnwfuCcAAajbY

As the years went on, I was introduced to older reggae artist and newer musicians, but the message was still positive and love your life. Now we all go through ups and downs to overcome challenges. For me, roots rock reggae, helped me get out of funks, build motivation, inspire others to love, and appreciated life entirely. It’s amazing how we can listen to a song and connect a verse or a chorus to a certain time in our lives. I feel like reggae is gift to share with everyone. Even if you’re not into reggae, I feel like it puts everyone in a great mood.


When I DJ, I like to play at least one reggae song to spread the love and good vibes among us all. It is a way for me to spread the love though sound waves and vibrations. Recently, I’ve done a couple “DJ Tone Capone Roots Rock Reggae Live Sets” on Facebook and I’ve gotten some great feedback. Check’em out when you get a moment. It’s a tremendous feeling when you’re doing something you love. Naturally, it flows out of me like a river.

I truly appreciate everyone that tunes into the “Live Set” and books with High Definition Music Entertainment.

I will continue to share stories of my travels and insights on the latest/greatest reggae. Just remember, “every little thing, is gonna be alright – Don’t worry!” – Robert Nesta


My little A’s.

Bleakley Wedding at The Merion Cinnaminson, NJ

Video:Bleakley Wedding at The Merion Cinnaminson, NJ

DJ Joey C and DJ Tone Capone were off to perform at one of our favorite venues, The Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ. The Starlight Ballroom is so beautiful and the Bleaky wedding party really made this reception “party rockin”!

Check out our pre-reception setup below.

12512737_1099571276761097_1591005923537288975_nHDME provides video footage of most of our events. Please take a moment to review the link above to see how this energy packed reception went down…


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Ewing Police Unity Tour Fundraiser

DJ Bobby Diamonds was on the scene at the Ewing Police “Beef & Beer” Unity Tour Fundraiser. The event includes music from HDME and plenty of prize giveaways. The Ewing PD ride from Florham Park, NJ to the National Law Enforcement Police Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. in less than a week.


“Team Ewing is comprised of Ewing Police officers who cycle 300+ miles to raise money and awareness for Law Enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty.” photos – via Facebook Police Unity Tour Team Ewing.

12938213_840311099412608_58096844192240751_nWe want to send a big shout out to all the riders and law enforcement officers that donated to this wonderful event.

Check out DJ Bobby Diamonds setup for the event and please keep HDME in mind for all future parties, weddings, and corporate events!

11960013_10207506459197667_6633506039386839317_nA higher standard of DeeJay services – HDME

Notre Dame High School’s 2016 Fashion Show

Flashing Lights,Lights…

For the second time, HDME had the honor to provide professional sound entertainment services for Notre Dame High School’s 2016 Fashion Show. DJ Tone Capone & DJ Joey C set out to keep the crowd jumpin, jumpin for 400+ students,as well as parents and other guest. This event was rather sensitive, due to the fact that Notre Dame High School lost a student earlier in the week and the entire community was in the early stages of grieving with the loss.

The event started with a beautiful prayer and few words of condolences to the families and friends of the student. Our setup was tucked away in the corner of the gymnasium and the catwalk was setup in a “U” shape in the middle of the floor, surrounded by tables for the guest. The flashing, lights,lights and ambiance made me feel like I was in the Fashion District. Megan the event coordinator, did an amazing job putting the final touches on all the decor and last minute showtime modifications.


Check out the video for the Notre Dame Fashion Show 2016 here!

It was really nice to see the entire school come together to put on a tremendous event. There were gift basket auctions and 50/50 prize giveaways. The students did a wonderful job and the fashion show was very professional. We’re looking forward to the next event!

1470107_1081142695270622_6418450194045227070_nThinking of you, Coby….

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